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News 2016!

Flying pigs shall save human lives - A Göttingen Minipig has been on an important mission with a team of medical doctors and researcher from Aalborg University Hospital and the Royal Danish Air Force.

Toxicologic Pathology - Please take a closer look at the paper: "Special Issue: Swine in Translational Research and Drug Development".

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Lena Toft!

1st of June 2016, Lena Toft started at Ellegaard Göttingen Minipigs as Management Assistant. At Ellegaard Lena will mainly assist CEO Lars Friis Mikkelsen and the management team. She will be responsible for supporting the cooperation with external business partners, follow-up on agreements and contracts covering internal and external scientific projects, planning of meetings, follow-up on actions and several other administrative assignments. 

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On 26-27 May we attended the annual meeting of the MRF in Copenhagen where 20 speakers presented their Minipig knowledge and experience. The presentations covered the three topics: Immunology and vaccine testing in the Minipig, Minipig ophthalmology as well as Juvenile and embryofetal development studies in the Minipig. 

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